“When a woman’s look is on point, she feels empowered to conquer the world. LaDanez One is here to assist you in achieving just that!”

Fashion and style is a personal journey for every woman. Fashion is what she wears, style is how she wears it. I’m a firm believer that every woman should feel empowered to explore her many unique personalities through her style. Many times women lack the confidence needed to step out in new fashion territory. In some cases life changes dictate a need to level -up her fashion game in order to meet new goals and objectives in her life.

You’ve heard the old saying by most fashionistas and style divas, “fashion is my passion”, it is true, in order to serve great fashion, one has to be passionate. After years of working as a manager and consultant with companies like: Ann Taylor, Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, Gucci and even Bonwit Teller and Hit or Miss (I know that’s dating myself), just to name a few, I found that women who added a little finesse to their fashion, had more stride in their step and exudes more confidence.

I am not your average, cookie-cutter, by the book, theories and analysis, stuff and fluff personal image consultant and shopper. My primary objectives are: for my clients to feel excited about their fashion and style possibilities, to assist clients in achieving the goals they’ve set for themselves as identified in their private consultation and client profile, and assisting clients in finding the secret sauce in their personal style.

Your Fashion Concierge and CEO,

Denise C. Albritton

LaDanez One